Enduro Not a Real Word Because No One Knows What it Means

There has been outcry through the ‘Enduro’ community today as Collins Publishing has announced that ‘Enduro’ can’t be added to the dictionary as it doesn’t appear to have a meaning.

In reply to the request filed by the E.W.S. Collins said ‘It was clear right away that the task at hand was monumental when we couldn’t even class it as an adjective, noun or verb.’

Collins interviewed many industry experts and racers to try and grasp what the word meant. French Dictionary at the ready, Head Jar caught up with Fabien Barel after his interview to ask what he thought ‘Enduro’ meant.

‘Ze whole thing is a nonsense. I even quoted them perfect examples of how the word ‘Enduro’ can be used.’ Said Barel, with a flurry of the hand. ‘I said to zem “you know when you are at your chalet and you want to go to ze shop but it is five minutes walk away and you’re too tired so you take the car? well you could say “that’s so enduro!”” I mean its ridiculous  nobody know’s more about the English language than the French.’

'I'll have one glass of Enduro, please!'
‘I’ll have one glass of Enduro, please!’ – Photo from Dirt Mountain Bike

As Mr E.W.S. Chris Ball hurried to his blacked out E.W.S pick-up we got a quick word from him ‘Honestly, I just want the red squiggly line to go away when I’m using it on [Microsoft] Word.’

To see what it meant to the general public we interviewed a spectator at the Tweed Valley E.W.S.

‘Well it’s funny you should ask, actually! I was just trying to explain this to Petunia this morning on the way here.’ Said Sandra, gesturing towards her BMW SUV. ‘To me the spirit of enduro is getting up on Sunday morning and going for a ride with the kids taking a stop at the top of every climb so we can have a rest. It’s revolutionary, really. I don’t know what we would have done before enduro! Also its great because it means the panorama function on my iPhone 6 gets loads of use. My Facebook friends love seeing how much I love the outdoors.’ Our interview was cut short by particularly load golf claps and encouragement as a local rider passed by.

From what Head Jar could gather the lack of meaning or endorsement would not stop the word from being used on an overly-regular basis by just about everyone in mountain biking.

Danny Hart was not available for interview on the subject due to not knowing what a dictionary was.


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