Unemployed Claudio Just Has ‘Deceptively Lazy Style’ Following Replacement by Trained Parrot

Claudio Colouri has actually been hard at work following his leave from Red Bull after being replaced by a trained parrot to support Rob Warner’s commentary of the 2016 world cup.

Although Claudio’s future prospects look bleak he is expected to pull out a shocker and go from unemployed to millionaire in just one day, according to himself.


Red Bull has announced Claudio’s replacement to be Polly the parrot, a parrot that has been kept in a bike shop near Glenrothes. Although the parrot knows very little about bikes the former owners described him as ‘the most knowledgeable animal in the workshop at any time’. Polly has been confirmed to be capable of repeating everything Rob Warner says and classic lines from famous runs. Polly’s current favorite catchphrase is ‘stay on the bike’.

This comes at a difficult time for Red Bull after it emerged the company could be fined €4.5 billion. After it was found Rob Warner hadn’t been on the piss the night before being tested for nauseous gases. An unfair representation of  day-to-day life for Rob Warner.


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