15 Stone MAMIL Says Titanium Bolts Were ‘Well worth the money.’

52, year old Steve from Devon was left bewildered by the difference in his climbing ability after replacing every steel bolt in his carbon fiber Santa Cruz. After forking out a meagre £500 pounds for his set of bolts Steve was overcome by the sense of value he’d achieved.

“Well, look it’s not the first upgrade I would have made to my bike but after buying carbon bars, saddle, seatpost and cranks I just could not think of anyway to shave more weight from my ride. My wife just about had a fit when I told her I’d paid 500 quid for a bag of bolts, women eh? Am I right boys. But I says to her ‘Look it cost five hundred for the bolts but look how many bits you get. I paid one grand for these forks and I only got one.’ Steve, proclaimed.

I don’t think you strictly are right Steve, but moving on. So why isn’t every one digging deep for titanium? We asked  Steve how he came up with such an ingenious weight saving solution, and what difficulties he had encountered along the way.

‘Who wants to watch my helmet cam footage’

‘The idea came to me when I was reading about Doddy’s adventures in MBUK and there was an interview with Geeman -what a legend – and he said that titanium bolts had just been fitted to his trek.
To be honest mate, it was difficult to fit all the bolts. But I’m good  with DIY and I could feel how tight to torque the bolts, none of this torque wrench, sissy, nonsense. It took me 4 evenings after work to fit them but I’ve managed to go on about it at our post ride booze up/pub grub at the Boar’s Head for 6 evenings to the lads so I’ve definitely earned some “stokens”.’

Steve, then went on to loudly tell me about how close he’d come to getting KOM’s at the local track during a ‘mates race’  after fitting his titanium bolts. After politely sitting through multiple different angles of his bike expertly propped on a stick it was strikingly obvious how light his bike was. Soon the titanium benefits will sweep the nation. So don’t forget, you heard it here first.



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